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My Story, in a nutshell

I’ve been an administrative professional for quite some time. Over the years, I’ve had various titles from Receptionist to Executive Assistant in several industries and a wide range of company sizes. My career has been varied because I’ve taken jobs that piqued my curiosity. To date, knock wood, I have been not laid off, although I’ve been on the edge a couple of times.

One does not have to be an extrovert to be successful in this career. I can be less introverted for short bursts of time but require peace and quiet to recharge my batteries. I tend to stay in role for as long as possible because updating my resume, applying for jobs and going on interviews are not a few of my favorite things. 

Navigating the Administrative Career

As administrative professionals, we have to keep one step ahead of our executives and team members, manage a career with no clearly defined entry point or path, generic job descriptions, plot our own career development and, most recently, manage our personal brand and online presence.

Talk to any administrative professional and you will learn that each role is unique to the executives, teams and organizations they support and the skills the admin pro brings the role. When one admin leaves and someone takes over, the job evolves to fit the new person’s skills sets.

How many careers do you know are that fluid?

My Site’s Glorious Purpose

There were limited resources available when I entered this career. While the number of administrative resources have increased dramatically since I started this site, there is always room for diverse voices.

I’m in the trenches every day, doing the work, learning new skills and new businesses. I’ve lost count of the number of re-organizations, leadership changes, economic downturns, operating systems, programs and apps that have come and gone.

My goal for this site is to share the knowledge, insights on being an admin, inspiration, the latest tips, tricks and tools. This site is intended for administrative professionals, regardless of title, who want to dig deep to make the most of a unique and rewarding career. You get out it what you put into it. You can weather any career storm, if you are organized and prepared. Which you are, because you’re an Administrative Professional!

I hope you find something of value here in my little corner of The Interwebs.  

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